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It's been five years since the Mason family's holiday at the lakeside cottage in north Eastern Vermont, close to where prize-winning novelist Samuel Mason grew up. The summers that Sam, his wife, Mena, and their twins Franny and Finn spent at Lake Gormlaith were noisy, chaotic, and nearly perfect. 

But since Franny's death, the Masons have been flailing, one step away from falling apart. Lake Gormlaith is Sam's last, best hope of rescuing his son from a destructive path and salvaging what's left of his family. As Sam struggles with grief, writer's block, and a looming deadline, Mena tries to repair the marital bond she once thought was unbreakable. 

But even in this secluded place, the unexpected - in the form of an over-zealous fan, a surprising friendship, and a second chance - can change everything.


“This compelling study of a family in need of rescue is very effective, owing to Greenwood's eloquent, exquisite word artistry and her knack for developing subtle, suspenseful scenes… Greenwood's sensitive and gripping examination of a family in crisis is real, complex, and anything but formulaic.”

– Library Journal (starred review)

“A deeply psychological read.”

– Publishers Weekly
“Can there be life after tragedy? How do you live with the loss of a child let alone the separation emotionally from all your loved ones? T. Greenwood with beautiful prose poses this question while delving into the psyches of a successful man, his wife, and his son… This is a wonderful story, engaging from the beginning that gets better with every chapter.”

–  The Washington Times

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